Vision - California Governor Race- Sam GalluccI
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Solve the Homeless Crisis

We will advocate new innovative solutions that will begin with our “people first plan”. As Governor I will work to not only provide new housing opportunities but education, medical, and mental health treatment to reintegrate our homeless population in society, by cutting red tape, partnering with non-profits, and expanding mental health treatment.

New Ideas to Support our Small Businesses

When jobs leave, people leave. We will eliminate the government overreach and work to reduce the taxes crippling our small business owners. We must make our state business-friendly again by lowering the tax burden on businesses and removing onerous regulations that thwart job growth and expansion.

Improve the Quality of our Children’s Education

California spends close to half its budget on education and is ranked 38th among the 50 states and District of Columbia in 29 categories. As Governor, I will give teachers the tools to do their job effectively. We will do better!

Address California Wildfires

The annual damage caused by wildfires far exceeds the cost of solving the problem.  We are committed to bring an end to it.

We will encourage strategic deforestation, below ground power lines, and modern AI based surveillance to stop the root causes.

Eliminate Power Shortages

We will solve this problem for all Californians. This will include holding power companies accountable and finding creative and innovative solutions along with increased incentives for renewables. The sunshine state only receives 19% of its power from solar, and much of it doesn’t even use the latest technology.

Criminal Justice Reform

New practices for rehabilitation are essential because current recidivism rates of 50, 60, 70 percent or higher are unacceptable. There are proven programs in use across this country. We need to learn from and adopt these programs statewide.

Election Integrity

We will restore confidence and trust in our election process. We will ensure our elections are fair and free. We will push to eliminate the unfair “jungle primary” that has blocked out all parties being represented in the general election. Elections in other civilized countries still rely on 100% hand counting. If we can’t establish trust in our electronic or machine voting processes then why not go back to what we know to be tried and true?

Eliminate Water Shortages

We have a program that allows for desalination companies to compete as water suppliers without any subsidies. Anybody can have as much water as they need. Our farmers will be safe. No more Cutoffs.

Solve Issues Affecting Migrant Farm Workers

We depend on migrant workers. It is not right that they have to live in fear and are mistreated. We will work on creative solutions to address our immigration challenges beginning with our undocumented migrant workers. We must work to curtail the flow of illegal immigration while addressing the migrants living in California.